Some of our clients

The Image Excellence Group’s programme is an investment in yourself. In SA today we come from various different backgrounds, norms are different depending on where you’re coming from. Certain things that are done in the corporate world might differ from your own personal paradigm. There is more to working in the corporate environment than just your technical and operational competencies. Image Excellence has pointed this out to me. It has taught me how to position myself and understand the world that we live in. It has been a big eye-opener for me. As a result, I am more confident. I now understand the rules of the game and I’ve become a player. I can see where people are coming from and understand the various paradigms. It has given me the skills to understand people in totality. In the past, it was a case of feeling my way through. Now I have absolute understanding – my level of knowledge is complete. The course has certainly enhanced my management skills. Banking is essentially a service industry; to excel we need to understand that it is people that bring the results – the outcome of our business depends on them. By understanding people more, I can better manage them. SA is becoming a melting pot of diverse culture, all with equal status. In the past we were dominated by one culture. Today, diversity is part of who we are. In order to make this diversity count, you need to understand yourself. The program helps you do this. I personally believe that it (Image Excellence) is a credible programme – an excellent personal investment. If people are your most important asset, then the ability to deal with them is a manager’s most important skill.
Peter Mageza
Former COO ABSA Bank
Gail has increased my self awareness in respect to the importance of emotional and social intelligence. For an example, I no longer listen with folded arms in meetings. Conceding that I’m a leader in the military milieu, Gail has also enhanced my understanding that in communicating my vision, I need to engage with my subordinates in a probing manner that inspires team effort in respect to the task at hand – Contrary to the notion that “Generals are expected to issue orders”.

Furthermore, when I was laterally moved to the position of Deputy CHR, I felt marginalised when my immediate superior dillydallied to sign my Performance Agreement on time and my hands were tied, Gail contextualised what was going on and encouraged me to soldier on. Through her support I was able to regain my voice and reclaim my space within the organisation. Her coaching has indeed enhanced my self awareness and effectiveness as an authentic leader.

General Ntsiki Memela Motumi
Major General SANDF
Gail has been a business colleague, coach and friend for over 14 years. She is a remarkable, intelligent businesswomen who is so well positioned to write this book and draw on the collective wisdom and stories of the people she has selected. Gail has a unique ability to relate to people where she offers pragmatic advice, compassion and insights that is so valuable to business people. Thank you for allowing me to share my story.
Monica Singer
CEO Strate
My association with the Image Excellence Group (IE) has been one of the most positive experiences in my life under the leadership of Gail Cameron.
Through the engagement with Gail Cameron, I have been able to understand the science behind creating a leadership vision. I have been enabled to be more focused, more consistent and to perform with less anxiety. My emotional intelligence (EQ) has been deepened.
Through that engagement I have come to understand that without a better handle on one’s emotional intelligence, chasing ones capacity for ongoing inventiveness remains retarded.
Gail has made me better understand not only that we create our own reality but how we connect with that process. In that context I have come to believe that prosperity must reside not only in who you are but how you use your mind and that the word ‘impossible’ only exists in the dictionary of fools.
IE has demonstrated its capacity to impart leadership skills not only in the South African corporate world but also internationally.
I would recommend their services to any who desire to enhance their capacity to achieve growth at a personal level and optimal leadership skills and delivery in their field of endeavor.
Justice S. A. M. Baqwa
North and South Gauteng High Court
Business is not only about hard facts. Effective business relationships are not based on how much you know but how much you care. The Image Excellence Group has assisted us in demonstrating this care through effective communication.
Suresh Kana
Former CEO of PwC Africa and Director of Companies
The IE Group has helped me to develop a clear discernment of my personality, including strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs, motivation, and emotions. Gail and team have helped me to understand the importance of my core personality traits that predict my leadership effectiveness in order to align myself with the right training and development practices. Taking into consideration that leadership and personal development is a lifelong process, having a personal life coach has brought a lot of self-efficacy in assessing my skills and qualities as well as to consider my life and set goals in order maximize and realize my potential. I will recommend the IE Group’s programme to anyone who wants to make a real impact and leave a legacy.
Vusi Vuma
Executive at Avanade (SA)
Working with Gail has helped me tremendously in terms of how I think about the balance between my career and my personal life – and how I ensure that I stay true to my values and what is truly important to me. I have been able to clarify in my own mind the that my single biggest priority is my family and their well being. This has helped me to priorities more effectively – and focus more effectively on what my goals are for my immediate as well as long term future…

Makes me realise that we didn’t touch at all the other day on my family issues…which is a little strange given my comments above.

Khumo Shuenyane
Former Executive Director at MTN
The interactions that I had with Gail in the early part of my career had a profound impact on my career. She guided me into becoming more aware of my leadership style, helped me understand people and the impact that a leader has on his/her people and, very importantly, coached my into becoming a more confident public speaker. If I look back on my career today I can definitely ascribe our interactions as a defining moment in my career.
Her friendship, encouragement and continued interest in my progression through the firm, and her willingness to always act as a sounding-board, 15 years after our first formal interactions, still means a lot to me.
Allen Swiegers
COO Deloitte
When I was first introduced to Image Excellence, I was looking for a programme to help me develop my presentation skills as I started to do financial presentations to my board. This was in the late 90’s. I was amazed to meet a team that didn’t just delve into my presentation skills but the assessment of my entire being unpacking every aspect of who I am, where I was in my professional and personal journey was amazing. This happened at a time when coaching was not as fashionable as it is today. The invaluable benefits were beyond my presentation skills and I was taken through a profound journey of personal growth, step by step, by a team with diversified skills addressing each area that needed development ranging from a voice therapist to a psychologist who would assist with ones view of self and the environment that one was surrounded with. The integrated service that Image Excellence offered was a critical attraction for me. More than 10 years later, I remain a client of IE because they have moved with me as I progressed from being a professional technocrat to a leader. I could not have done this without the road map IE had designed for me.
Sindi Mabaso-Koyana
Chairman Advanced Capital
I try and send our senior managers in the Financial Services Industry Group to Gail Cameron and the Image Excellence Group (IE Group) during the time before they become associate directors, but also others with specific coaching needs. It is easier to identify development needs, if there are others, in addition to those identified throughout their careers and I would say we have had more than a 90% success rate of our people coached at the IE Group. The neutral environment at the IE Group also put people at ease – I would have valued that sort of coaching at that that stage of my career (perhaps I should still go … !). Our managers who’ve attended the coaching have benefitted in a number of ways. Gail and her team have helped them with building confidence and a ‘can do it’ attitude; helped them through positive reinforcement; assisted with presentation skills; techniques to deal with difficult questions and situations; and in many other ways. Her programme has become one of the important life changing events in our people’s lives.
Tom Winterboer
Senior Partner PricewaterhouseCoopers
I become involved with Gail and her team when I was still a professional
footballer – back in 1997. The players had a lot of media attention and we
were often asked to present at functions. I needed to boost my image.
Gail has assisted me with my presentation and speaking skills. As a business person, Gail’s courses increase your confident in yourself. They teach you what is important to say – what is relevant as well as how to prepare for a presentation, present yourself to your audience.

We started out with voice training. I am very soft spoken and people were not able to clearly hear me. Gail and her team has taught me to use pitch and resonance to increase my communication skills. She has also taught me to research my audience and ensure that the speech is relevant to them. She has also encouraged me to involve the audience in my presentations; how to respond to their feedback. I have always felt at home at Image Excellence – they are always helpful, professional and friendly. I looked forward to attending my courses there. The benefits I have obtained through Image Excellence have made me a
better person, increased my confidence and given me a new dimension in which to look at myself. I see myself now as a very capable person. “I believe that by participating in Gail’s programme, it makes you a better person. There is no better place than this to acquire the confidence and professionalism you need to deal with the media and supporters.

John Moeti
Former Bafana Bafana Captain